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The What-If Credit Simulator

The What-If Credit Simulator is a credit analysis tool provided to me by the company that I obtain credit reports from . The What-If Simulator allows me to explore how various actions might affect your credit score. I can experiment with making payments, paying off balances, opening or closing accounts, transferring balances, applying for additional credit and much more. The What-If Simulator does not change credit scores or information in credit reports. It simply provides the expected effect on the credit score if a given action would be taken.

Here is an example of the output of the What-If Simulator. I recently ran a credit report for a client and then I asked the What-If Simulator what would happen to her credit score from Experian, 576, if she paid off three accounts. These accounts were a Capital One credit card, a USAA credit card, and an American Express card. The What-If Simulator estimated that these actions would increase that credit score by approximately 62 points. This is very fortunate because this increase in credit score will now make the client eligible for most of the first-time homebuyer assistance programs. Click here to see the output of this What-If simulation.

I then ran another simulation on the What-If Simulator. I asked the simulator how I could allocate $5,500 toward paying various accounts to achieve the highest increase in credit score. The simulator showed how to best distribute that $5,500 toward the various balances to obtain the highest increase in the client's Experian credit score. The suggested actions were expected to raise the credit approximately 86 points. Click here to see the results of this What-If simulation.




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