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My Promise to You


As Your Buyer's Agent

I will spend all of the time you need to be completely comfortable and fully knowledgeable about every aspect of the purchase and financing of your first home. I will teach you more about the process of purchasing your first home before we even begin than anyone else will. I will teach you more about mortgage loans and financing your first home than any other loan officer will as well. You will be an expert before we even begin the process.

I will thoroughly discuss with you all of your criteria for your new home and neighborhood. We will cover in detail all of the property attributes that consider to be must haves, likes, dislikes, and must not haves. The end result is that your home search will be very focused and you are almost sure to get a home you really like.

I will only recommend viewing properties that meet your stated criteria. I won't waste your time showing you properties that don't meet your criteria.

My commission will have no effect on the properties that I will recommend to you. Some properties have higher commissions than others. That will not matter at all.

I won't show you properties that are out of your price range. Before we begin to look for homes, we will thoroughly discuss what loan package and monthly payments you are comfortable with. We will only look at homes that are within your payment comfort zone.

I will negotiate every possible variable available in order to secure the lowest and best price for you. We will thoroughly discuss our negotiating strategy before we submit any offers.

I will negotiate very firmly on your behalf. I will earn my commission.

I will thoroughly explain every aspect of the real estate transaction to you. You will be confident that you fully understand everything that is happening in your transaction.

I will point out to you every positive and negative attribute of each property we we view or consider viewing.

I will make sure that you are fully prepared for your settlement and that your settlement goes smoothly. As a loan officer and Realtor, I have much more ability to help prepare you for your closing than most other Realtors.

I will always be available by cell phone or e-mail for you to ask any question regarding the real estate transaction or the financing. You will really appreciate this.

One great advantage that you have using me as your loan officer and buyer's agent is that you have one point of contact to handle every issue regarding the purchase of your first home. The Realtor and loan officer normally do not fully understand what the other is doing. That will not be the case here.

Your long-term satisfaction with your new home and your loan will drive everything that I do for you during your real estate transaction.


As Your Loan Officer

I will locate the optimal loan(s) for your situation, after extensive consultation with you. Your long-term  safety and satisfaction with the loan package is my top priority.

I will spend extra time with you so that you will have a full understanding of the loans that you are considering. It is of the highest importance that you completely understand and are totally comfortable with the proposed financing arrangements before a home search begins. I will spend with you whatever time you need to establish the financial plan that works for you.

My commission will not have any effect on the loans that I will recommend to you. I charge only a fair price for my services and no more. I am often asked by my broker why I do not charge more.

I will fully explain all risks for each loan you are considering. I will not recommend a loan to you that I consider to be a high-risk loan. I have never had a client foreclose or receive a notice of default. That is because I do not use or recommend high risk loans.

I guarantee that my closing costs will not exceed the Good Faith Estimate that I will provide to you. I guarantee this in writing. This is a guarantee that very few other loan officers are willing to make in writing.

I will charge a fair price for my service and I will not charge junk fees (fees that do not pay for actual services provided).

I will not quote rates to you that are lower than are currently available in order to get your business. This is a common game in the mortgage industry. I will not do it.

I will not leave expected fees out of the Good Faith Estimate to make my closing costs appear smaller than they actually are in order to get your business. I guarantee this in writing.

I will be available to you. I will promptly return all telephone calls and e-mails. Unless I am in a meeting, my cell phone will be turned on. I am usually working evenings and on weekends so you will normally be able to reach me at just about any time.

I will never make a promise that I do not know that I can deliver. If I do not believe that something is 100% certain, I will tell you that.




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