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My Guarantee of Closing Costs


I guarantee that the total of all non-recurring closing costs will not exceed the total of non-recurring closing costs that appear on my Good Faith Estimate by more than $100. I will reimburse after the close of escrow any amount that the total of non-recurring closing costs exceeds $100 more than what I have listed on my Good Faith Estimate.



The closing costs are the costs associated with the loan. These costs will either have to be paid by you at the close (the loan document signing) or someone else must pay them. In the buyer's market that we have right now, it is quite common that the seller is willing to cover all or a large part of the closing costs. This will be negotiated into the purchase contract. First-time homebuyers who qualify may have most or all of their closing costs covered by financial assistance programs. Click here for a List of All Major First-Time Homebuyer Financial Assistance Programs in San Diego.

Closing costs are classified as Recurring or Non-Recurring. Non-Recurring closing Costs are fees paid for services that are performed by third parties during the loan process. Non-Recurring closing costs would include fees paid to the title company, the escrow company, the loan officer, the notary, the appraiser, and the underwriting fees charged by the lender. Recurring closing costs are costs that the buying will incur on a continuous and regular basic while owning this property. Examples of Recurring Closing Costs would be property taxes and interest. These costs do not cover a specific service that was performed during the purchase process, but they will recur on a regular basis. many of the recurring costs depend on what date of the month that the loan closes and how close the closing occurs to the date when property taxes are due. It is difficult to exactly estimate how much the recurring closing costs will be if you do not know that exact date of close. When you receive a Good Faith Estimate, you want the loan officer. This guarantee is particularly valuable for first time home buyers who have not ever been through the process of buying a house and may not be as familiar with what closing cost expect. I guarantee my closing costs!

Non-Recurring Closing Costs, on the other hand, can be calculated with reasonable accuracy.






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